Covid-19 Turkey Turkey's Diagnostic Power Platform Virtual Conference

Diagnosis Kit Virtual Conference is going to be streamed in Youtube Facebook and Linkedin accounts of TUBITAK with the coordination of COVID-19 Turkey Platform on 13th May 2020. 

TÜBİTAK received 446 applications for the recent call ‘Fight Against COVID-19’ which focus on the development of protective equipments, diagnosis kit, drugs, vaccines, softwares and patient tracker applications. The evaluations have been completed in less than two weeks and 35 projects focusing on intensive care machines, informative technologies, masks, drugs, disinfection and vaccines will be supported. 10 of 35 projects are about diagnostics. 

10 different company which will be supported with the recent call and other 6 companies which was supported previously by other calls of TUBITAK are going to give information about their projects and competences in the conference after the opening of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank. 


COVID-19 Türkiye Platformu Türkiye’nin Tanı Gücü Sanal Konferansı