Exascale Smart Platform Project for Coronavirus

Exascale Smart Platform Project for Coronavirus (Exscalate4CoV) opened a call for Computer-Aided (in silico) Drug Design Collaboration to Screen Potential Drugs

The Exscalate Platform (EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns) is the world's most powerful smart super-processing platform. It holds 500 billion molecules in its chemical library and can process 3 million molecules per second.

Within this platform, the objective of the Exascale Smart Platform Project for Coronavirus (Exscalate4CoV), supported by the European Commission, is to identify molecules capable of targeting Coronavirus (COVID-19) and develop an effective tool against future pandemics.

The Exscalate4CoV Project has called for cooperation to screen potential drugs against COVID-19.

The drug compounds offered under the collaboration will be used as high performance computational (HPC) inputs for computer aided (in silico) screening for priority target protein structures. As a result of the analyses, compounds suitable for development will be identified and target-based in vitro tests will be applied.

After mutual agreement in terms of the in vitro screening contract, screening will be performed by providing samples of chemical compounds. The results of the scan on the compound will be published on an open access portal within thirty days of the obtained data.

If you believe that these conditions are suitable for you, you can access the details of the project and call for cooperation from the link below: https://www.exscalate4cov.eu/