Vaccine and Drug Development Virtual Conference has been coordinated by Turkey COVID-19 Platform.

The Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that 7 different vaccine projects and 7 different drug development projects have been taken part inside the platform in his opening speech. Minister Varank said that this meeting was the first virtual conference in Turkey focused on COVID-19 and the presentations would shed light on researchers, university students and citizens who were interested in the topic. Minister said also Turkey was passing through a historic period and the distinction between developed and developing countries lost the importance. 

Varank underlined the present important competencies about the drugs and medicine area in Turkey such as TÜBİTAK 1004 High Technology Platform which was established last year. Organization of COVID-19 Sub-Platform that brings together 24 university, 8 public research and development units and 8 private company under the coordination of TUBITAK MRC GEBI was described. 

Head of TUBITAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal told the need of science was bigger than any time and pointed out the mobilization of the world against COVID-19. Prof. Mandal gave information about the recent calls for COVID-19, the existing support programmes and the COVID-19 Web Portal. ‘216 researchers are working in 14 vaccine and drug development projects. We are going to accomplish in health area as we did in defence sector with our national technology.’ 14 speakers in three different sessions had their presentations during the conference which was streamed in social media accounts of TUBITAK.  Repurposing of drugs, drug development, innovative therapies, and vaccine development were the main topics

The link of the conference is here

The presentations of the Virtual Conference is available in here.